The Garage Mahal: MDRN HSTRY’s Wonderland

Garage Mahal

Urban Dictionary defines a Garage Mahal as follows: "Occasionally seen in the yards of people with way too much time on their hands. The Garage Mahal is a large, ornate garage, probably used for storing expensive goods, such as Ferraris, French Bread, Platinum Chains, or Record Labels. So large, many a small child have never [...]

Meet the Band: Stray Monroe

"We are a Swiss Army Knife of a band," says Brett Kelly. All from different cities, coming together to create, perform, and give life to their music, Stray Monroe has truly succeeded in combining the best of everyone’s skills and personalities to establish their unique voice.

WaveStation App Introduction

WaveStation App

Hello Everyone! We're excited to announce that we've partnered with WaveStation App, an easier way for local artists in San Diego to get noticed. Features include a mapped out area of local artists, rankings based on plays and most importantly, a way for artists to upload their music straight from their iCloud. We're very excited [...]

JARA brings pop to San Diego


We think it's time to expand the coverage here at Local Expression. With that said, JARA is our first pop artist featured on Local Expression! This talented artist has been putting in a lot of work lately, most notably with his latest release of "Coachella Girls." Here are a few of his upcoming shows: 3/8- [...]

EXCLUSIVE: Fashion Jackson Interview

Ocean Beach, San Diego Band members Eddy Allen, Shawn Gardner, Sterling Geitzen and Matt Alcantara give their take on the future of Fashion Jackson, their spirit animal and their dream openers. Exclusive interview, only on        

“Gossamer” by Fashion Jackson

"Gossamer" by Fashion Jackson

Directed by Alex Allen Ocean Beach, San Diego Here is the song by Fashion Jackson that started it all. We heard this song and immediately thought “why don’t more people know this band?” Please do us the favor and give this song a listen.  Vocals- Eddy Allen Guitar- Matt Alcantara Drums- Shawn Gardner Bass- Sterling Gietzen Check [...]