Fashion Jackson Release Single “Honey”

Fashion Jackson have released “Honey,” their first single of 2018. The band has performed this track a couple of times live, but never enough to really get to know it. Now that we have a recorded version of it, we believe it’s going to become a staple in the band’s discography.

A blues-rock guitar kicks the song off for a very nostalgic feel. Lead singer Eddy Allen returns with the dismissive persona very similar to the one found in “Gossamer.” The attitude of the song is the real game changer. This song, compared to others on their Spotify, feels a lot more in your face. A lot edgier, and we really like the direction it’s going.

Fashion Jackson is planning to release “Penelope” on June 22nd

This single is very important for Fashion Jackson because it proves they are a band that will consistently release great music that should end up on the radio. Their increasing song collection is slowly putting them on music festival lineups around Southern California.

Fashion Jackson is scheduled to play SUMM Music Festival Aug. 4 and Same Same But Different Music Festival Sept. 22-24.

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