Exclusive Premiere: “Nowhere” by Andrew Barrack

Andrew Barrack

We all have that one band, that one song, that one little tune that is truly the most versatile song ever made. Previously, Cool Company was my versatile, go-to band for parties, spring cleaning, crying in the shower, and dancing in the rain, but I am proud to announce that I have added another musician to that list: Andrew Barrack.

His music is truly good-vibes-only, which is why his new song release, “Nowhere,” will blow your socks off. It talks about the struggles of arguing, hurting one another, solving nothing, and, well, going nowhere. 

Andrew Barrack
Andrew Barrack

“See we’re caught in a battle without any ammo and we’re trying to shoot our guns.”

The beautiful irony of this song is, without a doubt, the marriage between the lyrics and the music. Lyrically, the words discuss the struggles in relationships, but the funk-pop driven instrumental gives it that perfect balance between “tension” and “feel-good.”
“So I’ll give you some truth, If you show me some proof.”    
In 2014, he released “High Off of Love,” with overarching themes of being young and in love, without a worry in the world, which are captivating and contagious. It brings back the nostalgia of your first (or last) love; the smiles, the kisses, and the hope. It takes your hand and leads you to that one little ice cream shop by the ocean that has your favorite waffle cones. It makes you want to call in sick to work so you could go sit on the beach by the water with your bare feet, letting the sand run between your fingers.
Nowhere” is evidence of Andrew Barrack’s maturation, experience, and continued improvement in his musical career, and boy, are we excited to hear more!
Give it a listen on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube (live!)! Stay updated on his Facebook to see when his next show is, and see us there!

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-Lauren Detreville-

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