Review: Half The Animal at House of Blues

Chase Johnson of Half the Animal at House of Blues 9/22/2017 Photo Credit: Daniel Escudero II

SAN DIEGO– Los Angeles based band Half the Animal proved one thing after their opening act: they are ready for the big leagues.  Their catchy and irresistible love songs can make anyone want to fall in love again. This was their first show of the 63 days tour in support of Atlas Genius.

As the band took the stage, Drummer Nick Gross shook out his hands and prepared to make an impression on San Diego. They started to play “Saturday Night,” and then Singer Chase Johnson ran out on stage and immediately demonstrated the type of energy they had in store. He danced around the stage and kept it loose.

The level of energy was key for this performance. Whenever the song slowed down, so did the rest of the band. Johnson proved his talented vocal range throughout the show with agonizing howls and an impressive falsetto

Their hit songs “Babylon” and “IYWML” proved they were just a bunch of hopeless romantics dealing with the same struggles of love as everyone else in the world.

A few surprises occurred throughout the performance, including a cover of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone.” Johnson kicked up the vocal range of the already high noted song to another level, making the cover even more of a hypnotic lullaby. The next surprise was the premiere of their new single “Bad Bad Love,” which was released that day. Upon first listen, it’s obvious that they are progressing towards a radio band, and one that is deserving of so. Their previous singles, along with this new one, should have already been on the radio for some time now.

Even though they were opening the show, if felt like they were closing out a festival stage. Don’t be surprised if you start to hear their songs on the radio. Hopefully we see more of this band, especially considering they’ve only been around for about a year.



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